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Exculpatory Evidence - Witness Nnamdi J Okolo Pressured to Lie - Sworn Testimony



I, NNAMDI J. OKOLO, Male, Christian, Nigeria Citizen, residing [redacted],
do hereby declare on Oath and state as follows: -

1. That I am the above named person whose passport photograph is attached

2. That I am former owner of Millennium Luxury Car Rental of Vienna(a),
Virginia USA.

3. That Congressman Traficant (JT) rented a corvette from Millennium for a
month in late 1999 to use while his regular car was being repaired - again.
The corvette was delivered to Rick Detore at USAG offices in Manassas, VA
from Millennium's satellite location at the Double Tree Hotel in Falls
Church, VA and secured on his (Detore's) credit as a favour to Mr Traficant.
I handled the transaction and understood from Mr Detore that the listed
additional driver would use the car and pay upon return of the car(b) .

4. That at the time of the rental I did not know who Jim Traficant was. The
covrvette was our next to cheapest rental. When the car was returned a month
later, I was not in the office. To close the transaction my receptionist (c)
ran the charge against the securing credit card rather than Traficant's
credit card. She [was] reprimanded because the rental forms clearly indicate
that Detore's card was for security only.

5. That on the bottom of the last contract form of Government Exhibit N38
the credit card numbers for both Mr Detore and Mr Traficant are listed and
Mr Detore's entry is marked (HOLD ONLY) (d).

6. That the connection between Traficant and Rick Detore arose bcause of
JT's position as ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Aviation,
whicli oversees the FAA. Rick Detore was an officer with a small cash poor
minority run company developing and developing and deploying airport
navigation aides using laser technology. Traficant was working to help this
company USAG, coordinate preparation and funding of a test plan to be
executed by the FAA's Volpe Test Center in Massachusetts.

7. That latter on, I was in prison at Allenwood Low FCI in July of 2001 on
the Millennium bank fraud charge. I was contacted twice - July 12 and July
31 by an FBI(e) and IRS agent team.

8. That my lawyer(f) was present at these sessions as was BOP officer Kelly
McConnell. I was pressured to lie about Rick Detore and JT. At first the
FBI seemed to want me to testify that money JT paid for a car rental wasn't
his. The agents told me that, "Traficant is well connected. People are
running away from Traficant." They told me that if I didn't cooperate with
them, they could make things very hard for me. In addition, the agents
sympathized with my family, "it would be tragic for your one year old son to
have no parents at home, we can really help you."

9. That is when I asked what would happen to Detore, the FBI said Detore
could then be charged with a crime and would be forced to testify against
JT. The FBI told me that "they could help make all my problems go away."
was at Allenwood about a year before JT was committed there in (g) August,
2002, where I met him on the track and told him, "You are the reason I am in

10. That the FBI also said, that if I didn't testify about the "money"
would remain in prison, and be charged with bank fraud in connection with
the (h)Links [Group] Car rental financing. I refused because it wasn't
right, and I refused to play along despite their repeated and very strong
warnings of doom If I didn't cooperate.

11. That the Government then re-indicted me on a bank fraud charge carrying
at least three year penalties(i) - while pressuring my wife(j) to convince
me to lie and pressuring my business partner and associates for
incriminating information to use against me. Shortly before completing my
sentence on the original charge, the government took me from prison, put me
in INS detention, and then deported me to Nigeria in March of 2005. I was
not given a hearing nor did I appear before a judge. Terrorism law was
exploited by the Government to suppress all possibility of my appearance and
testimony at the earlier Traficant or Detore trials and appeals - a foreign
national with a felony conviction can be summarily deported (k). I had not
been in Nigeria since I was 11 years old. My wife and two young boys are
still in the United States.

12. That now I'm separated from my wife and children, in a place where I
don't know anybody - all because I would not commit a crime - by lying for
the Government to falsely accuse Richard Detore and help convict James

13. That at the trial, Mr Traficant did not understand why such a low level
employee as Mathew Hall gave testimony for the government. (Trial Transcript
Volume 18, March 14 2002, page 3492, et seq). It was because the government
did not find anyone else among my associates who could or would give the
kind of testimony the government wanted.

14. That Mr Hall's entire connection with the case is that he filled in the
license, VIN and mileage sections on the rental contracts when cars were to
be picked up or delivered. The rest of these forms was completed by me and I
was not going to give the testimony the government wanted.

15. That a government prosecutor claimed, in closing arguments, that JT only
went to pay for the car when he realized he was being investigated.

16. That what this means, of course, is that this prosecutor is a cheap.
shot artist who depended on. the jury's ignorance and his own suppression of
my appearance and testimony.

17. That is, the orders to build a case against JT came down during the
Clinton administration in April, 1996. JT was well aware that he was being
investigated long before December 17, 1999 when he went to pay for the car.
It is standard partisan politics to announce that a rival candidate is
"under investigation' by the Justice Department or IRS, usually, at election
time. Traficant's indictment was handed down October 26, 2001.

18. That If I had lied, like so many others in Congressman Traficant’s case
I would still be in the United States, with no legal or criminal or IRS

19. That I want to be heard and America should insist that I be allowed to
return to my family.


20. (a)That Millennium was established by me and five associates who went to
a bank in early 1998, borrowed the money to buy cars and commence operation
in the rental business. The loans were made in Milennium's name with me as
CEO. Poor marketing - wrong cars to rent, and poor sales - inadequate
advertising and sales outlets led to default on the loans and departure of
my associates by the end of 1998. In early 1999 I reorganized the company
to become 70% owner of Millennium and a new business partner, Anish Shah,
now deceased, became 30% owner and worked with me to promote sales through
hotel lobby points of sale - but it was too late.

21. That the business failed by early 2000, the cars were repossessed and I
was arrested for bank fraud, having claimed income that did not exist in
order to get the loans, to which I pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50
months a1 Allenwood Low FCI..

22. That an Attorney named John Keats handled my plea bargain and a
prosecutor named Thomas McQuillen handled the government case in Virginia.
Keats was recommended by. my immigration attorney but, proved unsatisfactory
because he appeared to be working with the government prosecutor while
taking. my money. The immigration attorney was Irena I.
Karpinski, 1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington, D.C. and the criminal
attorney was John A. Keats, 10521 Judicial Dr. Fairfax, VA 22030.

23. (b)That I brought this car from Atlantic City the day before it was
rented. It was new, very low mileage, and had temporary plates. The day
after it was rented Mr Traficant drove it to a conference at the White
House. The Secret Service called Milennium and talked to me about the status
of the (c) car.

24. Maria Peppe, 5159 Woodfield Dr, Centreville VA 20120

25. (d)That there are unexplained discrepancies in the car rental conract
forms presented by the government prosecution at trial. For example, the
odometer reading at delivery is not recorded.

26. That I remember completing the car rental forms when I delivered the car
to Rick Detore at USAG - the handwriting resembles mine, but the numbers are
not in my writing. Further, I do not know how a copy of Mr Traficant's
driver license appears in the trial exhibits because it was not a part of
the rental transaction.

27. (e)That FBI Agent Rich Denholm, P O. Box 9362, Youngstown, OH 44513.
Earlier, on December 21, 200 an FBI Agent named Michael Carroll 7799
Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 (703) 762-3192, pager (202) 605-7715
from the D.C. office had first contacted Mrs. Okolo and mentioned to her the
benefits of Rule 35 (b) and the possibility of her husband testifying.

28. That the Criminal Rule 35 (b) permits the government to seek a reduction
in a person's sentence if that person provides substantial assistance in
prosecuting another person. .

29. (f)That Attorney Steven Levy, 12603 Wrightwood Court, Upper Marlboro,
MD 20772, (301) 574-0212 had been hired in April of 2001. Mr Levy is a
criminal lawyer friend of business lawyer Brown, who recommended him.

30. (g)That about a month after talking with Mr Traficant on the track at
Allenwood, I was “put on the bus.” I was moved from prison to prison among
10 or 11 facilities in the Bureau of Prison system for almost an entire year
during which time I was reported "in transit" and wound up visiting death
row In Baltimore.

31. (h)That the government agents seemed to offer more than one theory of my
prospective crime, One scenario was that Detore accepted the charges on
Traficant's rental car and then would expense them to USAG as an illegal
gratituy that the government would try to characterize as a bribe.

32. (i)That this second bank fraud charge was an amendment of the original
charge claiming that it was my intent to steal the cars and resell them. I
was represented in trial and appeal on this last chage by: V Peter Markuski,
Jr. Goozman, Bernstein & Markuski, Suite 207, 9101 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD
20708 (301) 953-7480,

33. That I was convicted on the amended charge with a sentence of an
additional 78 months (!), but, when my appeal was filed in December 2003, it
was taken unanimously in less than three weeks and the second conviction was
subsequently overturned!

34. (j)That Mrs Okolo attended a meeting with FBI Agent Deborah LaPrevotte,
Lawyer Levy, and my business attorney Stanley J. Brown's [at Brown’s]

35. (k)That at the time of the Milennium business operation, I was seeking
Green Card status. Circuit [Court] records are sealed and I was deported in
absentia! Remember that TWA 800 was destroyed July 17, 1996.

36. That this sworn affidavit is now required for record purposes and for
those that may be concerned.

37. And that I make this solemn declaration in good faith and in accordance
with the provision of the Oath Act of 1990.

N. Okolo

Sworn to at the Federal High Court
Registry, Lagos................this 13th
Day Sept ,2006.


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